Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bare: A Great Plea

A great desire to face a day without having to deal with who or what I am. I rue the fact that I didn't endeavor to decide for myself who or what I would like to become when I was in my formative years. And now that I have become aware of that, I have that nagging feeling that it's too late. It's hard to unlearn years of psych, and made even harder by the fact that I have to deal with a lot else. And to be surrounded by people who don't have the same dealings makes it harder, giving me the impression of isolation. It's super hard. There are days that I just feel hollow, just an empty shell that is forced to function just to meet what is asked of me. That's not living. Not even near it.

It is my prayer that I will overcome. I am aware of a ton of blessings that is given to me. A lot to be thankful for. But even to ALWAYS have the right mindset is tremendously difficult. A really compromising situation to be in.

It's really super hard. I wish. I hope. I pray. Please.. :-(


Friday, January 30, 2015

The Fuss Over Chocolates

I bought these to help keep me alert and awake at work.

Half-jokingly, I asked in Twitter if there's a difference between the two. Embarrassingly, I actually want to know. I think the two who replied are as clueless as I am, but I endeavored, and I discovered that Curly Tops is your usual Pinoy chocolate, while Flat Tops has this tinge of saltiness to it. Based on my personal palate of course. That's life-changing knowledge for y'all. Lol!

One reply, though, made me stop and think. "They're both chocolates," it said. While there are indeed a wide variety, the specific kind of these two and their somewhat apparent similarity kinda made the initial question absurd. Is there a big reason for such a fuss, however trivial it may be? I remember all the times when I mulled over tons of unnecessary things, and failed to just enjoy what's there to appreciate.

So, I'll stop asking, and, just simply enjoy them chocolates.

Want some?